What Would You Make?

WHAT would you build with Bay Bridge Steel?
WHERE would you like to see a community-based installation?

Develop a concept sketch or model of your vision for this historic resource.

– Installations should be in a public space such as a park, street-scape, bayside, bike path, along the Bay Trail, civic areas, parking lots, bus stops, and can include everything from street lighting, gazebos, and public play structures to sculpture and public furniture.
– Installations can include other components including solar arrays, rainwater catchment, vertical gardens, and interactive elements.
– Installations should retain some of the “visual language” of the Bridge, such as the lace truss or giant girders with rivets. (see attached photos for reference)

Please scan or photograph your ideas and email them to baybridgesteel@gmail.com. If you are unable to email your concepts, please contact us so other arrangements can be made.

Your drawings will not be shared publicly if you do not want them to be, but will be included in our presentations to the agencies governing the bridge demolition process.

We are submitting our campaign to several agencies over the next few months and want to include voices from all around the Bay Area, so please share your voice with us!