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To Whom it may Concern

I am writing out of interest for preserving steel from the old Bay Bridge. The Bridge has been a part of the Bay Area skyline and history for generations. It has connected hundreds of communities and been a critical ingredient in the growth of the region. In addition, the engineering and construction of the Bridge itself represent a monumental period in Bay Area history.
The historic Bridge should be celebrated rather than discarded, and its vintage steel preserved for the creation of public art and civic installations, such as bus shelters, park benches, municipal lighting and hundreds of other applications for all to enjoy.
The Bay Area is home to a diverse population of innovators, creative pioneers and residents and businesses who believe the Bay Area is the best place in the world to work, play and call home. This is an extraordinary opportunity to manifest installations that exhibit this civic pride, connect our communities and let current and future generations appreciate the wonder and achievement of the Bay Bridge.

While we recognize that there are challenges, such as funding, remediation, storage and materials management, connected with such a program, we are confident that enough public interest exists to warrant finding solutions.

I urge you to support the preservation of this extraordinary resource for the benefit of the Bay Area for generations to come.

Best Regards,